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mist sprayer

1.capacity: 12000L/1600L, 2.Origial imported diaphragm pump 3. The supporting horsepower is more than 30 horsepower. 4. The spray height is greater than 7M and the width is greater than 16 meters.

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打药 喷头 控制 马力 大于 喷雾 数量 容量 分段 隔膜泵

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Product Description

The traction type air mist sprayer is matched with the tractor and connected with the tractor traction frame. The PTO drive shaft drives the spray pump and the mist blower at the same time. The simple mechanical transmission makes the driver easy to operate independently.

During the running of the machine, under the joint action of the medium pressure fan and the high pressure drug pump, the liquid medicine is uniformly atomized, the mist droplets are extremely thin, and the air is sent by the gentle air with a large air volume, so that the inner and outer fruits and leaves are quickly attached to the front and back sides. Liquid, so as to improve the work efficiency and efficiency, water-saving medicine can reach 10-55%.

Designed as a fan-shaped work, under the push of high-pressure airflow, a 240-270° fan-shaped continuous atomizing work belt is formed, which broadens the radiation surface of the liquid medicine, ensuring no dead angle after spraying in the orchard, and the spray area per hour can be Up to 8 acres, the operating efficiency is more than 8 times that of ordinary drugs.

The wide-leaf fan, stable wind pressure, large air volume, gentle wind and fog penetrate the trees, and the penetration is good without hurting the fruit.

The spray unit is matched to a four-cylinder diaphragm pump with uniform pressure.

Standard double-stage filtration, water filtration, and washable line filter.

The angle of the nozzle can be adjusted, it can be closed separately, segmented control, each segment can be turned on or off arbitrarily, and the spray can be unilateral or fixed.

Built-in chemical agitator, the liquid mixture is more uniform.

A variety of options are available: spray head, drip-proof filter, jet agitator, filter, winder, spray gun.

Suitable for pest control of orchards; such as apples, jujube trees, bananas, citrus, pear trees, etc.

Model                      3NW-1200            3NW-1800

Overall size(mm)          3600*1250*1450        3700*1250*1450

Tractor power(hp)            above 40HP            above 40HP        

Input speed(turns/min)           540                   540

Working width(m)              above18                above18

Pump                      Original imported diaphragm pump

Spray flow(L/MIN)              25-75                 25-75


Tank capacity(L)               1200                  1600

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