China machinery industry ""disc plough ""disc harrow ""share plow" standard drafting unit.
China Electromechanical chamber of Commerce and China International Chamber of Commerce member units.


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Shandong Tiansheng machinery Polytron Technologies Inc is a private enterprise specializing in the development, R & D, production and sale of agricultural machinery in China. It is China's high quality organic manure manure car, dung mill production plant, is China's "disc harrow", "disc plow", "plow plow" industry standard drafting unit, is China's outstanding agricultural machinery manufacturing experts. It has the right of import and export self-management; in July 2006 passed the ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification; in 2014 passed the ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification; in 2015 was identified as the Shandong Province high-tech enterprises; the company has the invention and utility model patents 36. It is the Chinese machinery and electrical products import and Export Chamber of Commerce, the member of the China Agricultural machinery circulation association, the executive director of the Shandong Agricultural Machinery Industry Association, the leading enterprise of the Chinese agricultural machinery parts (plow chips and rake slices), which is the main supplier of the foreign products of the Ministry of Commerce of China.

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Jinyang Rui was sent to winter, spring to bring auspicious jade monkey.
2015, in support of new and old customers, Tiansheng machinery achieved good results. Looking forward to the new year, in the more severe international economic situation on the major impact of the agricultural machinery industry, Tiansheng machinery through the introduction of new rake technology, new projects, open new agricultural machinery market field, will be in the new year, vigorous, hard work, and then create good performance!
Today is February 16, 2016. In the ninth day of the lunar calendar, Tiansheng people are happy to burn fireworks and firecrackers.
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